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Copyright Champion Images2010 Spirit Celebration Competition in Garland, TX  Saturday December 11 we took home 2nd place great job ladies, they learned the routine in only 7 practices and had very few points taken off for mistakes. The first place team was just outstanding so I couldn't be prouder of their achievement.







Top Stories from 2009

2009 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading Competition Results:

10 teams entered into our level (Junior Dance/Rec) of competition and we took home the 6th place trophy along with the 2009 Level Champion banner over all the rec level teams. A first time ever award for Lake Worth. These girls did such a great job! They have practiced in the cold rainy weather we have had this season and with the lack of lights at the ball park and after the time change in near total darkness. And to top it off had to modify their stuns and routine the day of competition. What a bounce back from near disaster to accomplish this great feat for Lake Worth. 


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